Babes Gets Dragged For Not Apologising To Makhadzi

Publicity stunt or not, Makhadzi deserves an apology

By  | Dec 13, 2021, 12:33 PM  | Babes Wodumo  | Drama

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We have seen a number of publicity stunts our ZAlebs have engaged in and some have worked in their favour, others fell very flat. Babes Wodumo's attempt at this failed dismally.

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Babes went on a rant last week and cussed at her mother-in-law and Makhadzi. The gqom Queen attacked Makhadzi by saying she stinks and does not bath and even added that she has no future.

In the viral clip taken from her Instagram live, Babes Wodumo also alleged that Makhadzi is after her man, Mampintsha, but at first she laughed and said she is joking.

But that's when she continued attacking the Khokhovha hitmaker and said she must go cheat on Master KG and must not come anywhere near her man Mampintsha.

Babes then said this was all a publicity stunt and she was only promoting her EP called Crown.

“Due to the late release of the Crown EP, I had to draw your attention to the point where I give you a taste of part 2 of Sponge Wodumo's story. The one you'll saw just before Uthando Lodumo was shown on Showmax. I'm sorry to those who I might have offended. Due to the strong language I had no choice but to do it around that time to protect my younger fans,” she said in part.

Babes then shared snippets of songs from her EP which left her fans divided. Some said she has fallen off which is why she is drawing attention to herself, others said her music style needs to change if she still wants to retain the little relevancy she has but others surprisingly enjoy some of the songs.

Here's what people in the comments section said:

"Why did you swear at Makhadzi?"

"I am really disappointed in you shame, I really liked you."

"You really need help before it’s too late."

"It's pure jealousy, there's nothing more. She's just jealous at the fact that because of her arrogance she was so quick to brag that she's the hottest young artist. She used to utter such words even when she didn't win awards. Makhadzi has always remained humble, people have body shamed her, called her all sorts of horrible things. But still remained calm and that's why God is continuing to bless her. Babes with her arrogance will never achieved what that young woman has achieved. Babes will only achieve at swearing at people."

"At least you will never reach the level Makhadzi is at right now!!! She just keep on winning."

"Leave Makhadzi alone too that woman is hard working and she's making waves... this girl is irreverent and she should leave my queen alone."

If this was a publicity stunt was Makhadzi in on it or did she catch stray bullets? Either way, it is safe to say that Babes owes her an apology or to at least acknowledge that it was a stunt and Mkakhadzi was aware.

On the video, Babes said the meanest things about her mother-in-law.
"She mustn't f***k with me, I'll fetch her. She's drunk," says Babes who then phrased her husband Mampintsha who defended her and said  she was drunk, she did not mean it. However Babes said she is drunk from the s***t she was talking.

Babes then threatens her mother-in-law with thugs saying she will send thugs to her home to attack her.

"She said I must apologise, why should I apologise? This dog is drunk. She is saying I should apologise when she has never apologised to my family. This b***h," said Babes who then apologised for calling her mother-in-law these cuss words, but continued to do so.

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