Babes Wodumo’s Friend Threatens There Is Still More To Come

This is as Babes Wodumo has been threatening to release nudes.

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Babes Wodumo has been making headlines for the past two weeks since the confirmation of her husband, Mandla “Mampintsha” Maphumulo Shimora’s passing.  Initially, the public seemed to have been empathising with Wodumo during her time of mourning.

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However, as Babes has returned to performing and has returned to social media via her late husband’s phone and social media accounts. It seems that there has been less empathising and more ridicule in terms of how Babes Wodumo is mourning. More especially after she discovered Mampintsha’s pin to his phone. 
As previously reported:
Musician Bongekile "Babes Wodumo" Simelane is in celebratory mode after finally unlocking her deceased husband Mandla "Mampintsha" Maphumulo's cell phone. 
The singer is breathing a huge sigh of relief after telling mourners at the late musician's funeral service on 30 December 2022 that she could not access his cell phone because Mampintsha died without telling her his phone's pin number.
Babes uses Mampintsha’s WhatsApp to threaten “side chicks”
After initially sharing loving images of Mampintsha via his Facebook account, Babes Wodumo then moved on to using Mampintsha’s WhatsApp as if it was her own. One of the circulated screenshots of the stories that Babes shared was one that confirmed that she had found nudes on her late husband’s phone. 
However, there was then a subsequent story which was shared. The story in question is Babes Wodumo sharing that she intends to share the nudes and the corresponding messages between Mampintsha and his “side chicks.” Thereafter, Babes will follow up the leaks with her account of how she knows the women in question.
Babes Wodumo’s friend threatens there is still more to come
While there was speculation as to whether or not Babes Wodumo will actually expose the women she believes had romantic and sexual relationships with Mampintsha while they were dating. Friend and unofficial spokesperson, Sizwe Madlalose, did share a Tik Tok video talking about Babes intentions with Mampintsha’s phone. 
In the video in question, Madlalose does seem to confirm that Babes does fully intend to expose all the women, and alleged men, that Mampintsha stepped out of his marriage with Babes Wodumo for. 
However, Madlalose’s words should be taken with a grain of salt. This is as he was the same person who spoke to news outlets when Mampintsha’s death was confirmed. At the time, he had shared that Babes was so beside herself with grief that she had thrown herself on Mampintsha’s coffin. 
But as recent events have shown that even if Babes Wodumo is mourning internally, On the surface, the personality is putting on a brave face. A “face” that has resulted in the continued brunt from her mother in-law and scrutiny by the public as they question whether or not Babes is mourning through heavy alcohol and alleged drug use. 
Either way, it does seem that the general public is more interested in finding out who exactly were Mampintsha’s sides and how exactly Babes Wodumo intends to expose them. Hopefully, the wait will not be too long. 

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