Nota Chimes In Over Mounting Concerns For Babes Mourning Mampintsha

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However, even after his burial, his passing has continued to make headlines. This is as Babes Wodumo has already marked her first performances since his passing and has seemingly admitted to using alcohol, if not more than that, to cope with the passing of her late husband. 
But now it seems that concern has finally turned into public scrutiny as outsiders share their concern over the manner in which Babes is mourning. More so after she shared that she finally got access to her husband’s phone and it was filled with conversations with other women. 
Nota chimes in over mounting concerns for Babes mourning Mampintsha
As Babes Wodumo returns to social media in the same manner in which she left it by sharing comical videos where it seems she is just expressing herself. The public have turned their concern into scrutiny. This was due to the fact that Babes Wodumo was using Mampintsha’s social media accounts to post her own posts.
As such, it seems that mainly male social media accounts wanted to paint Babes Wodumo as the aggressor in her relationship with Mampintsha. This is as they attempted to suggest that Babes was capitalising on the passing of her husband for relevancy and a “quick buck.”
But it seems that female social media accounts were ready to defend Babes as they suggested that Babes might be toxic. But she did stay and affirmed that she loved Mampintsha outside of all his faults. 
It was Nota who decided to chime in too via Instagram on the matter. This is as he suggests that Babes Wodumo and the entire South African entertainment industry are devil worshippers. His caption to the video read: 
“South African’s musicians are devil worshipping money loving demons… All of them. Every single one of you that refuses to condemn evil is complicit!”
Why is Nota not on Twitter? 
On Tuesday, 27 December 2022, Nota was officially suspended on Twitter. Many are speculating that the suspension followed after multiple complaints over the course of the year. However, no one was more than happy to take credit for it than fellow Twitter personality and poet, Ntsiki Mazwai. 
It has been months since Nota and Ntsiki have been on a full on Twitter back and forth following the demise of their public support of one another. Therefore, when Ntsiki Mazwai took to the blue app recently to make it clear that she takes offence to being compared to Nota by suggesting that she does not have mental health issues like him.
It seems that Nota took a similar offence to Mazwai and was spending the day dragging Mazwai for filth. In response, Mazwai got her followers to report Nota’s account, a fact she believes was the reason he was finally suspended on the app. A win for Mazwai that she celebrated by making the notification her profile picture. 

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