Bahumi On Living With The Incurable Lymphedema Condition

The actress took to Instagram to show her legs.

By  | Apr 08, 2020, 12:08 PM  | Drama

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 Living The Dream reality show star Bahumi Mhlongo, recently embraced the incurable condition that she is living with called Lymphedema. It is never easy sometimes to accept your condition, but for accepting it means you love yourself and it puts your heart at peace.

Bahumi posted a picture sitting down on Instagram, showing her legs which are not the same size. In the caption, she said being herself was a true form of worship.

Although some thought it was the picture angle, which made her legs uneven some were quick to say why the legs are not the same size.
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A fan asked “Why does one leg look smaller than the other? A fan responded and said she is living with Lymphedema, which is uncurable.

Bahumi revealed her condition a few years back on the reality show after battling with it, but accepting it and loving herself has helped her to never shy away from embracing it.

Main Image Credit: Twitter/@trevox
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