Big Xhosa Is On A Dissing Spree

Here are his new victims

By  | Jun 24, 2021, 12:23 PM  | Drama

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Big Xhosa has once again caused mayhem on social media with his latest drop titled 'I Hate Me Too.' We all know how Xhosa can shake the game up by dissing all the rappers who came before him. With this drop, which earned him the title of being the best in the game right now, he dissed the entire Podcast And Chill team.

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Mac G and his partner in crime Sol Phenduka did not feel his song Ikuku Endala featuring fellow Xhosa rapper iFani. They called it a terrible and a disgusting song but that did not sit well with Xhosa who delivered a scathing clap back.

Watch the clip from the podcast episode:

"F**k Mac G and his podcast y'all aint putting me on. I got myself on so I don't give a sh*t if y'all say y'all aint feeling my song. Who are you? I don't make music for trust fund babies, I'm from the slums now baby. I was eating crumbs now baby. That's why y'all not relating to anything I put out.

"Y'all using y'alls platform to spread hate on my name. When I'm doing good you never mention my name. First time you talk about me you talking trash, sounds like hate to me. F*ck you and your podcast My pockets fat,"
he said.

Watch Big Xhosa's response.

Sol Phenduka who is part of the team and who dissed Big Xhosa the most responded to the diss track. "Wait, I got dissed by Big Xhosa?" he laughed. "You can diss me all you want my brother. You can't take my joy. God bless you and  I love you Big Xhosa."
In the song he brags about being the best and having no competition. He claps back at all the people who doubted him and said he is a whack rapper. In the video clip he also shares screenshots of tweets where people are congratulating him and also those tweets where people diss him.

A few days ago, he responded to the podcasts disses and said he does not mind receiving the hate because he does not make music for those people.

"I will never be mad at someone saying my song is whack or they don't feel it. Plus if what I'm creating ain't for u then move on to the next artist. But no one will ever stop me, I'm unstoppable, still gonna shine way more than this. U can hate me all you like I don't care!"

He also noticed the silence from the Hip Hop heavyweights in the country and how they do not show him support, "Sometimes I ask myself why your so called SA Hip Hop OG's never co-sign me or talk about me like they do with all other new kids.. It's confusing or maybe according to them I do Maskandi not Hip Hop. But it's fine I'll be bigger than all of them."
There is confusion as to who dropped it between SOS and his alter ego Big Xhosa. This song was dropped by SOS (who is Big Xhosa) however Xhosa is the one that is trending. Confusing right? "So SOS stands up for Big Xhosa and drops a song but Big Xhosa is the one trending. Unfair," said SOS.
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