Ambitiouz Entertainment Hits Back

They believe that the R94K received is way too small and want more!

By  | Apr 16, 2022, 12:05 PM  | Big Zulu  | Drama

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Following Intaba Yase Dubai's claims that he was not paid even R1 for his feature on Imali Eningi, Ambitiouz Entertainment and Big Zulu have responded.

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Taking to social media, Intaba Yase Dubai who some believe made the song the success that it is with his catchy hook, slammed those involved for not paying him what's his.

“Nothing in this world beats the pain of watching another man gain a lot of money from your hard work, while you are broke. I’m sorry but I hate features with all of my heart. Coz you have to act like we are all ok while only an individual is…” he claimed. “Mali Eningi has reached over 12 Million streams. But I’m broke. Never got even R1.”

But Ambitiouz Entertainment claims otherwise. The agreement they allegedly got into says they own 25% of the masters of the smash hit. The disgraced record label said Nkabi Records paid them a total of R94 527, 31. They said this money was divided into three monthly payments starting from November 5th to February 11.

But Big Zulu said they paid Ambitiouz soon after the song got released, whereas in their statement they said the first payment which was R36 713, 24, was paid a year later.

They then said they fulfilled their duties of paying Intaba his share. "AE have fulfilled it's obligation and paid Intaba Yase Dubai his portion of the proceeds received from IR as per the existing artist agreement between the label and Intaba Yase Dubai and confirms no royalty payment is outstanding."

They then roped in SAMRO and said further publishing rights are paid to Intaba Yase Dubai by the company.

The recording company then took a hit at Big Zulu and said the song was a huge success so there's no way they would only be paid R94K.

"Based of the fact the Imali Eningi was a very big song which generated tens of millions of streams, AE believes that the song should have generated a significantly higher income than reported. We have therefore contested the royalty report. Requested supporting documents and hope to conduct an audit soon as provided for in the signed music agreement," they said in closing.
AE then defended themselves and said monies are not only paid to artists but there are other people who work there who also have families to feed.

Big Zulu said his label welcomes the decision from AE to conduct and audit but with the company responsible for making those payments.

He even explained on Instagram Live what the situation is.

In his statement he said that all matters were handled directly with Ambitiouz, so he should take it up with them, not him.

"I just thought I should fix this issue regarding Intaba Yase Dubai. My record label did everything in the right way. He knows who he signed what with who so he should go to his record label Ambitiouz Entertainment and ask them about this. My record label is not involved in this," he wrote separately as he shared his statement.

"As Inkabi Records we would like to declare that all due diligence, agreements, splits and contracts pertaining to Mali Eningi was handled with the label that Intaba Yase Dubai is signed to, which is Ambitiouz Entertainment, this was done in the early staged if the song being released."

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