The Imali Eningi Royalties Drama!

Ambitiouz Entertainment once again trends for the wrong reasons

By  | Apr 16, 2022, 08:08 AM  | Big Zulu  | Drama

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Mali Eningi was and still is a pretty big song which managed to be one of the very few, who stood out in this age of Amapiano. It is disheartening when one of the people who made the song the success it is, claim he was not compensated properly for his work.

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We have seen this play over and over again. Where artists expose recording labels of exploitation and Ambitiouz Entertainment, is sometimes always involved.

Big Zulu features fan favourite Intaba Yase Dubai and the late Riky Rick on his smash hit Imali Eningi. One of the biggest songs in 2020/2021. Despite the song being his, the big star is Inkabi Yase Dubai who took the spotlight for his catchy hook.

Taking to social media this week, Intaba Yase Dubai, who is signed under Ambitiouz said he was not paid, not even R1, for his hard work. He said it hurts to see Big Zulu getting all the wealth, 12 million streams later, and he is broke.

“Nothing in this world beats the pain of watching another man gain a lot of money from your hard work, while you are broke. I’m sorry but I hate features with all of my heart. Coz you have to act like we are all ok while only an individual is…” he claimed. “Mali Eningi has reached over 12 Million streams. But I’m broke. Never got even R1.”

Uproar ensued when he made this assumption but people were not exactly surprised because Ambitiouz is involved.

Taking to Instagram to absolve himself as well as his record label from any wrongdoing, Big Zulu said all matters were handled directly with Ambitiouz, so he should take it up with them, not him.

"I just thought I should fix this issue regarding Intaba Yase Dubai. My record label did everything in the right way. He knows who he signed what with who so he should go to his record label Ambitiouz Entertainment and ask them about this. My record label is not involved in this," he wrote separately as he shared his statement.

His statement explains that all contracts where signed right after the song got released.

"As Inkabi Records we would like to declare that all due diligence, agreements, splits and contracts pertaining to Mali Eningi was handled with the label that Intaba Yase Dubai is signed to, which is Ambitiouz Entertainment, this was done in the early staged if the song being released."

"A music rights agreement was signed between both parties 'Inkabi Records' and 'Ambitiouz Entertainment' including the publishing document. All the financial proceeds that the record has made in relation to Intaba Yase Dubai's shares were paid directly to his recording label by the distribution and authorized companies."

He then says if Yase Dubai was indeed not paid, then it has nothing to do with them as Inkabi Nation.

"Therefore, Big Zulu has fulfilled all his obligations to Intaba Yase Dubai and his record label. Claims made by Intaba Yase Dubai pertaining non payment are not associated with Inkabi Records and Big Zulu."

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