Big Zulu And Cassper Meet Up

Will we be getting another boxing match soon?

By  | Dec 08, 2022, 01:20 PM  | Big Zulu  | Drama

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Big Zulu meets up with Cassper Nyovest at the South African Hip Hop Awards (SAHHA) after throwing a few jabs at each other. The two are preparing to possibly step in the boxing ring for Celebrity boxing match. 
Big Zulu shared a snap of the two of them shaking hands and sharing a few giggles and he said Cassper will be setting the date for them to dance in the ring. 
"I am friends with all of these guys. Mufasa (Cassper) says he will set the date soon,"  wrote an eager Big Zulu. 
Cassper commented and said, "Soon we dance."
This comes after Big Zulu called Cassper a woman on TV. Big Zulu had suggested that they step in the ring but Cassper was very reluctant about that. 
Ushuni Wenkabi then kept on provoking Cassper Nyovest. "'I do not have too many words for this 'boy', I am a man enough, so to speak a lot like a 'woman' is not my thing. All that is left for Cassper Nyovest to do is to set up a date and stop talking non-stop on Twitter. He just needs to give me a date and that will be all. And then i will be able to beat him up and leave it at that, because I will definitely defeat him in the first round" said Big Zulu. "if it happens we go to the second round, then he would have won. First round will be all I need, we won't even need to judges to adjudicate. It will be a knockout and only doctors will be able to assess him."
Cassper dissed Big Zulu and said the match would have been a waste of his time. 
"Good thing i have #FillUpMmabathoStadium to work on right now. This woulda been a waste of my time. These are load shedding punches, no power at all" wrote Cassper Nyovest.
Meanwhile, Big Zulu has a score to settle with Fela In Versace hitmaker, AKA. This was after the rapper said his 150 Bars Diss Track is an Ubuntu Diss Track and would not be getting a response from him. "This boy AKA called it 'Ubuntu Diss Track' just because I said 'I'm not fighting with you guys'. Yes I am not fighting with them and everything I said on 150 bars was not intended to cause a fight. 
"When I released 150 [Bars] it was just rap, not that I wanted to fight with these boys. This is just Hip Hop. AKA must not be forward, he must stay in his lane. Here he is telling me about Ubuntu Diss Track, why did I apologist at the end. If you want a fight approach me directly and talk all that bullsh*t to my face. I will remind him about the things he says on Twitter and show him what he wants," said the rapper.
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