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The DJ opens up about his 'slip up' 

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Black Coffee

DJ Nkosinathi 'Black Coffee' Maphumulo, is at the peak of his career and he is known as one of the most hardworking ZAlebs in show business and like many other celebrated artists, he has had his personal life highlighted in controversial headlines and he finally got to address them. 

There have been many celebrity couples in the industry that have shocked Mzansi by splitting after spending many years serving couple goals in the spotlight, and in 2013 fans were holding on to their seats as they thought that Black Coffee and his wife Enhle Maphumulo would add to the list of some of the most unexpected breakups in showbiz.

The couple had made headlines after Sunday World had allegedly reported that Black Coffee had allegedly been cheating on his wife Enhle with a model. Reflecting on those allegations in an interview on Metro FM, he said:

"With the tabloid stuff, it is a reminder of how human one is. Not just being written about but from also the mistakes one makes as a person. It is something that people should understand when you are dealing with someone who is as real as I am,"

The DJ went on to add that he had since learnt from the alleged incident and like most people, he had made a mistake in the situation.

"My realness doesn't stop anytime when the cameras are off or the microphones are off. I am real all the time. Being real means I make mistakes. Being real means I get angry. Being real means I get emotional. But everything that has happened has been a wake-up call and a lesson." he said.

Black Coffee and Enhle

Labelling the allegations as a 'slip up', Black Coffee admitted that it was fame that had gotten the best of him at that point, as he received a lot of love and attention, more especially from women and as a young man in the industry at the time, he was overwhelmed.

"A man, being a man, will always be a man. But now when you add the attention from the opposite sex, it can be blinding. It is something you will never be immune to as a person. You can try your best and every now and then it's going to catch up with you. The love becomes overwhelming as a person. You become overwhelmed with everything, the success. Before you get used to everything, you slip up." 

Black Coffee and Enhle

The DJ expressed that he felt that the allegations that were made at the time were blown out of proportion and that the matter did not intensify to a point where he almost lost his marriage. Now six years later, the couple have since moved from the reports, and Black Coffee said that he was reminded every day of the importance that his wife holds in his life, 

“I appreciate all the wake-up calls, I’m more woke now than I was basically...I don’t think it was that intense...because when it gets to the papers cause it’s a little blown out of proportion...I think the lessons are not about the couple, they’re about more about the one person, the one that’s involved, what have I learnt from this thing? What is my way forward?...because remember, every union has its challenges, not all of them are on tabloids and that’s are the realities…”

Black Coffee and Enhle's sons

Gushing over his relationship with the actress, Black Coffee went on to say that he was happy to have found a wife while he was still coming up in the industry as he knows that he found someone who genuinely loves him and not his fame.

“I was very fortunate to find someone as ‘Nkosinathi’ who fits in the ‘Black Coffee’ world as well, it’s something very rare...I see a lot of guys in my career who have bigger names and they’ll find women, with their bigger names than themselves...I found someone who I relate with as Nkosinathi...that’s the core...the core is we want to be together…”

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