Black Coffee on declining deals and his next move

Black Coffee has bigger plans for 2018.

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DJ Black Coffee has done the most in his career, from securing international club residency to even working with international artists, his career is booming more than ever and the DJ says that he is at a space where he is able to decline deals.

In a recent interview on TouchHD Black Coffee admitted that he had just declined a deal as it was something that he was already doing and was looking to approach a coffee company

“I’m at a space where I’m trying to...the one that I declined it was more of an ‘we’re doing that already’ and we’re getting out of the space where we take the deals...I’m gonna approach a coffee company and say let’s make coffee”

Black Coffee went on to add that 2018 might be the last year that he appears on a billboard for another brand as he would start declining things that are not on his to-do list

“All the deals that I’m starting to make are based on equity...this is the last year you gonna see me on a billboard holding someone else's brand, when I decline a deal it’s based on what you’re doing, I’ve done already...there are things that I want to do that are not based on my world I want to do this and this and if you’re coming with deals that are not on this list I’m gonna say no."

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The DJ went on to share that his prime focus is to impact the community in everything that he is involved in saying:

“What I’m trying to achieve as a person involves the people…anything that I get involved in are things that are in future gonna impact the community...I’m starting on the journey where it is all about the community in everything that I’m involved in…”

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