Black Coffee Does Not Take Threats To His Family Lightly

His fight with Nota intensifies

By  | Nov 02, 2022, 11:07 AM  | Black Coffee  | Drama

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It's no secret Nota is not a big fan of Black Coffee and vise versa. But when threats are made, the international DJ does not appreciate having his family dragged. 

Nota was engaging in one of his usual rants when he touched on Black Coffee's son. 

In a video he shared he captioned it, "Your idol Black Coffee has been warned… It’s on sight when I see him. He’ll need to run off to Austria with Stogie T when I’m done with him. I’m finishing 2022 off strong by settling all my beefs once & for all. The police know where to find me, ARREST ME DAWG, NGIDUBULE KE!"
Coffee did not appreciate being dragged into fights especially his son as well. He clapped back by saying Esona Maphumulo is busy in Miami and should be back in a few days ready to fight.
Nota has always taken aim at Black Coffee. He was not impressed with his last interview where he spoke about being a divorced man and living with his mother. 

"But is this my life? I live with my mother, so that means I can't bring my friends here. I can't even have a little party because my mom is on the other room. And then it bothered me so much, I remember I had a conversation with my friend, I was like man I love but at the same time I just feel like this can't be it. I am about to finalize my divorce and I live with my mother. And the most incredible thing happened, I get a phone call and this guy is like 'by the way I am selling my house' and I am going away and moving to another country. Just letting you know as a neighbor" said Black Coffee.
Nota Baloyi then trolled Black Coffee for celebrating his divorce, “Only b*tches brag about wanting to finalise their divorces quickly… I always knew Black Coffee had that in him. That’s why fathers need to be present in their son’s lives otherwise they end up growing up to be b*tches. An hour-long podcast will expose you like Natasha Thahane’s!” exclaimed Nota.
“Imagine listening to your Dad bragging about returning to the streets & living with grandmother, because he’s still a boy? I don’t know if it’s Nathi or Black Coffee speaking but both of them are fools… This is where we fail as black men. We misuse our influence & abuse power. ”
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