Nota Baloyi Calls Black Coffee A Bi*ch

This is because he bragged about his divorce

By  | Oct 05, 2022, 07:37 PM  | Black Coffee  | Drama

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Black coffee was a recent guest on a podcast called Diary of the CEO. He spoke about many things touching hi life including his divorce from Enhle Mbali Mlothswa. 

In the episode, Black Coffee said life will be much more fun now that he is single. He also revealed that he lives with his mom and that he bought his neighbour's house just so he can party properly. 

"But is this my life? I live with my mother, so that means I can't bring my friends here. I can't even have a little party because my mom is on the other room. And then it bothered me so much, I remember I had a conversation with my friend, I was like man I love but at the same time I just feel like this can't be it. I am about to finalize my divorce and I live with my mother. And the most incredible thing happened, I get a phone call and this guy is like 'by the way I am selling my house' and I am going away and moving to another country. Just letting you know as a neighbor" said Black Coffee.

Nota Baloyi slammed Black Coffee for celebrating his divorce. “Only b*tches brag about wanting to finalise their divorces quickly… I always knew Black Coffee had that in him. That’s why fathers need to be present in their son’s lives otherwise they end up growing up to be b*tches. An hour-long podcast will expose you like Natasha Thahane’s!” exclaimed Nota.

He took it further by dragging him for bragging about living with his mother. 

“Imagine listening to your Dad bragging about returning to the streets & living with grandmother, because he’s still a boy? I don’t know if it’s Nathi or Black Coffee speaking but both of them are fools… This is where we fail as black men. We misuse our influence & abuse power. ”
Black Coffee also spoke about his arm and how doctors wanted to amputate it. 

His beef with Nota started when Coffee said he would not want to be managed by a guy like him. Nota then made fun of coffees disability. 

“It’s really tough, even if the structure is there. It’s all up here (points to the mind). One of the things I feel like I always made a mistake on; you build a team, and this is something I had never done until they told me. Something I didn’t do that much is how involved I am in my business now because I knew I had the best people. Now, moving forward, if you are going to send any e-mail that has my name cc me in. That’s all because I am the business.”

"I’m going to mention names right now. Look at this guy, he calls himself the authority," mentioned Black Coffee and Nasty and Scoop Makhathini laughed. "I look at him as a person and I wouldn’t want to be managed by a guy like that," added Nathi.

"You can get a guy like that to manage you but you are not aware of his persona. And you give him your entire brand and you don’t know the conversations. You don’t know how he’s treating your clients and everyone who’s making you money. I’m saying these are the mistakes we make.”

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