Is DJ Black Coffee Playing Victim?

Tweeps Are Not Buying At DJ Black Coffee Playing Victim On The Abuse Allegations

By  | Dec 29, 2022, 10:27 AM  | Black Coffee  | Drama

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Scores of tweeps are certainly not buying at what DJ Black Coffee is selling to them surrounding the alleged abuse between him and his ex wife, Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa. For days Black Coffee has been cryptically relaying the how the abuse claims have taken a toll on him until now.

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Although a number of tweeps have caught on with the story DJ Black Coffee was trying to relay to them for a couple of days. Some tweeps could not be bothered as they feel as though he is only crying foul for a pity party.

Taking to Twitter, DJ Black Coffee finally opened up about how the abuse claims once leveled against him by his ex wife Enhle Mbali Mlotshwa has affected his life. As stated in the tweet, DJ Black Coffee is somehow refuting the abuse to never ever happened which has angered a lot of people of Twitter.

"The day my ex accused me of physically harming her,nothing was the same. It has left a heavy void in my heart a void I can’t shake off.I lost a big part of myself,no court of law could ever fix the pain and shame I still carry today" wrote DJ Black Coffee
Evidently, Black Coffee's attempt to rubbish the abuse claims has rubbed scores of tweeps the wrong way. As it appears that a number of them clearly does not buy to the victim card being played right before their eyes. Taking under Black Coffee's comment section, tweeps have let the international DJ know what time it, as they have spared him no sympathy but instead served him with a reality check.

"Hard to take your side when we’ve seen you physically assault a person who wasn’t even fighting you . When images of you and other woman circulated while you were still married to your ex wife and while you mourn and celebrate known abusers" wrote Ode Danilo
"Oh but you did, umbethile uMbali and it was not the first time. Instead of owning up to the pain and suffering you put her through, usaphinda kwa wena you come here and play victim" wrote Asavela
Clearly, tweeps have not forgotten nor forgiven the Subconsciously hit-maker for his past mistakes, as they continue to breath fire down his down at every turn.

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