Black Coffee Reflects On Enhle Mbali's Abuse Allegations

“It has left a heavy void in my heart, a void I can’t shake off.”

By  | Dec 29, 2022, 08:55 AM  | Black Coffee  | Relationships

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Black Coffee for the past two years lived under the shroud of doubt of whether or not he was actually the abuser that he was accused of. This comes off the back of his failed marriage to actress Enhle Mbali, who after confirming that she was splitting from the internationally recognised DJ, accused him of being emotionally and physically abusive.

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At the time of the allegations, many rallied behind her in terms of the emotional abuse allegations due to the belief that Black Coffee was unfaithful and fathered children outside of his marriage while he was still married. However, on the physical abuse allegations, the stance was more polarising. 
More so considering the events of April 2022, when Enhle Mbali failed to get the protection order she wanted from Black Coffee. Thereafter, Enhle had threatened to come out with an expose that never happened. Subsequently, she allegedly attempted to play public court when she accused Black Coffee of stalking her and switching off the lights of her home with her children
During all of this time, Black Coffee maintained his silence, paid the electricity bill his was accused of not paying, and let the court system prevail. This is as it was only confirmed in November 2022 how the matter of their divorce settlement was finally settled. AS reported by iOL
“In the court ruling, the judge ordered that she only get R15 000 a month for spousal maintenance and R50 000 in child support.
The actress had demanded that Black Coffee pay her more than R131 000 in monthly maintenance, made up of R80 000 child maintenance for their two minor children, R30 000 for groceries and household items and R17 800 for her beauty cosmetics.”

Now with the court proceedings out of the way and New Years around the corner, Black Coffee has finally reflected on the events of the past two years with his ex-wife. 
Black Coffee reflects on Enhle Mbali's abuse allegations
It started with a cryptic post with Black Coffee asserting that he was not okay. He then followed this message with a thread dedicated to what he wishes men could find in 2023. Instead of cars, money and women, Black Coffee asked that men practise internal  self-love and pursue healing their own emotional traumas.
The responses to the post were overwhelming, as men showcased just why Black Coffee is wishing for men to confront their emotions. A fact which highlights the often overlooked matter of men and how they are taught to be "strong and dependable." 
In response, Black Coffee then shared how the events of the past two years have not only shaped his perspective on life currently. But he shared how the abuse allegations by his ex-wife forced him to confront his own childhood traumas as he too had an abusive father. 
Enhle Mbali, on the other hand, recently showcased how she spent her first “favourite” Christmas in years. This is as she was surrounded by her family with her children with Black Coffee spending time with her this Christmas season instead of their father, whose work schedule is back right up to the New Year. 
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