Black Coffee Opens Up On The Diary Of The CEO Podcast Session

He introduces the difference between the brand and a family man

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Internationally acclaimed DJ Black Coffee has has fans gushing over him following his recent podcast session. What really stuck with his fans is how DJ Black Coffee differentiate between the brand and the family man, Nkosinathi Maphumulo.

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The Grammy award winning DJ has won his fans over following his recent podcast session on Diary of the CEO, where he shared a number of things, including his divorce and the difference between the brand and the family man.

When at home Black Coffee is nothing like the much traveled and renowned international DJ. When at home he is a son to his mother and a father to his kids. He goes to mention how he managed to buy his neighbors house in order to be separated from him mother and the kids.

"But is this my life? I live with my mother, so that means I can't bring my friends here. I can't even have a little party because my mom is on the other room. And then it bothered me so much, I remember I had a conversation with my friend, I was like man I love but at the same time I just feel like this can't be it. I am about to finalize my divorce and I live with my mother. And the most incredible thing happened, I get a phone call and this guy is like 'by the way I am selling my house' and I am going away and moving to another country. Just letting you know as a neighbor" said Black Coffee

Most people wouldn't know that DJ Black Coffee and Nkosinathi Maphumulo are two different people. Black Coffee clarifies this when talking about having to give his mother the privacy she needed from his full of party lifestyle. He also unfolded about his future Black Coffee house that he is currently working on to serve as a reminder for the future.

"The thing is about the Black Coffee, I want to build the Black coffee house that would be like a future house Black Coffee house. But in the future this would like where he used to live. I am very much intentional about the things that I collect, the art on the wall, like everything that I do, I am doing to create value in the house" said Black Coffee
Black Coffee's fans has applauded him for his future plans on working on the Black Coffee future house.

"That when you have REAL money. Enough to buy a neighbors property in an upmarket suburb just so your mom can sleep at night! It also speaks to the love he has for his mom. Respect" wrote Eugene
"Mina I heard him saying he couldn't throw a party and wants to create the "future Black Coffee house".. legacy, collections and the art on his walls" wrote Treasure Gambu
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