Black Gold expose the difficulties of the industry

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Black Gold  | Drama

Do you remember hip-hop group Black Gold? Especially their hit song, C’mon C’mon?

Sadly, you probably don’t, because after their hit song blew up, the group just disappeared into thin air.

Well, on Wednesday night, during an episode of SABC 1’s Remix, the group came out to speak about the difficulties of the music industry and how artists should realise that they are actually the most important part of the music industry.

“What we were doing professionally and what we are doing now as individuals are two different things. If we had succeeded, perhaps the friendship would not have lasted because that’s what we still have, we’re still friends. We’d still be in the group, but actually couldn't stand each other if we succeeded in this music thing," group member Nekwa said.

“Without the artist there is no industry, so once the artist realises that they’re the commodity and starts calling the shots things will change. Until then they should realise that the industry is not the commodity, as without us they don’t have the industry, but without them we still have the music,” added another group member.

We honestly could not have said it better. The entertainment industry as a whole is one jungle with many predators ready to eat off of you. But with a good head on your shoulders and a strategy, the world is your oyster.