Ambitiouz Does Danya Devs Dirty Releasing His Album Early

Seems the battle between Ambitiouz and Blaq Diamond is far from over.

By  | May 23, 2023, 11:47 AM  | Blaq Diamond   | Drama

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Blaq Diamond is arguably the most successful musical duo to have come out of contentious record label Ambitiouz Entertainment. However, similar to many artists that were signed to the record label. As soon as they had cemented their own success, they left the record label back in 2021.

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While the duo might have suggested that their departure was amicable. It would seem that the record label is doing everything to prove the contrary. This is as the record label initially disputed the termination of their contract. As reported

When Blaq Diamond left the highly criticised record label, Ambitiouz Entertainment, they might have thought they hit the jackpot and finally caught a breather. However, because the termination of their contract was supposedly not mutual, the former record label has decided to take legal action against the duo.

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The duo announced earlier this year that they have gone independent. “We’re fully back in business and finally independent.”

Given that it seems that Blaq Diamond won this legal battle. It would seem that Ambitiouz is now attacking the duo individually. Currently, it has set its target against Danya Devs. 

Ambitiouz does Danya Dev dirty releasing his album early

Currently, Blaq Diamond was on the promotional trail towards the release of one-half of the duo, Danya Dev’s debut album. The album was promoted with the teaser of the release of the title and lead single Inkosi yo Shuni. This was meant to be the first solo single the artist released on Wednesday, 24 May 2023.
However, it seems that Ambitiouz opted to be petty as it took to Twitter to confirm that it has made the album available via digital streaming platforms a day ahead of the single’s release. 
Currently, Danya has not responded to the big. However, this is not the first time that Ambitiouz has taken digs at Blaq Diamond. Its most recent attack was against Ndu Browns when their former artist Sbahle accused him of blackballing her. As reported

Ndu Browns took to Instagram to address the matter. As it was suspected, Browns seemed to confirm that Sbahle was being used by Ambitiouz to tarnish their reputation. This is as he wrote in part: 

“Now (after Sbahle’s signing to Ambitiouz) what’s happening is, the label she is signed to is using her to fight their own battles with us. As you know we left the record label in 2021.” 

Moreover, he addresses Sbahle’s accusation of having said she is nothing by stating:

“The other story of me saying she is nothing, are nothing but just lies to try and tarnish my name (they must at least provide some evidence to these accusations…)” 

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