Bonnie Mbuli Won't Be Silenced!

The star highlights racism in the entertainment industry

By  | Sep 23, 2020, 10:13 PM  | Bonnie Mbuli  | Drama

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Veteran actress, Bonnie Mbuli has spoken up about the attempts to silence her activism voice by entertainment gatekeepers. The former Afternoon Express television host told the story of being called into a meeting by a producer that told her that she needs “to be less heavy and political, be happy and frivolous.”

Bonnie states that she stuck to her guns instead of following the advice of the producer in order to secure the bag. She goes on to suggest that the decision to do so was important for her because agreeing to have you voice silenced will mean that “you’re forgetting that most times the hand that feeds you shares a body with the knee on your neck.”

Her thread did not suggest that race of the person that was advising her. But when asked by a tweep with the name Promise, if the advice came from someone of a different race and Bonnie confirmed it was and strategically addressed Promise as Karen. Get it?

Image credit: Instagram @bonniembuli
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