Brenda Ngxoli opens up about being sexually harassed by fellow actors

This was probably one of the realist interviews Brenda has done in a while.

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The actress shared an in-depth story about the time she experienced sexual and verbal harassments from three differant actors. 

During her interview on Real Talk with Anele Brenda opened up the terrible abuse.

Before opening up about her experience, Brenda wanted to make it clear that she was sharing this story not because she wanted to defame or drag anyone's name in the mud but because she was doing this for her herself and her own sanity.

"Today I'm making a decision that no matter what happens, I'm going to choose me for once, against the fear of defamation of character, I'm choosing to love me because at night sleeping alone, I have to deal with what happened to me.

She then went on to share the terrible ordeal by explaining what happened whilst she was working with one of the actors.

"In a space whereby I feel most at home, a space that I love with all my heart, I got fondled by a fellow actor, they rubbed on my thighs during a take."

She shared how she then had to push the fellow actor when their hands began reaching up to her genitalia.  

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"When we were doing another take, this particular actor told me that when he looked at my feet he became horny and the funny thing is that I laughed, nobody knows how to react to these things so I laughed, I giggled and I walked away."

Brenda shared further details of her sexual harassment experience and mentioned that she was harassed the second time by a fellow actress.

"Secondly, I had another fellow actress, grab my boob and repeatedly lament that because she is a female, it's ok according to Wikipedia. There's no Wikipedia now, there's Brenda Ngxoli with that feeling of my boobs being grabbed."

The actress continued to mention that she also received verbal abuse from another fellow actor who called her a kaffir bitch and kaffir maid.

She wrote a letter to the production company about the situation but unfortunately, it was not dealt with until she brought in a lawyer but before then no one listened to her.

Brenda said she will not be mentioning any names as legal processes are still underway but mentioned that the actor that called her a kaffir bitch was white.

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