Bridget Masinga opens up about her miscarriages

Bridget shared that she experience two miscarriages.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Bridget Masinga  | Drama

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Bridget Masinga

And both miscarriages happened in a space of a year. Bridget was interviewing Skhumba on her show The B-Side, on Kaya FM when she made the revelation. 

"About two months ago, I miscarried my second baby in ten months, at 11 weeks." She said this time around it was probably the hardest and darkest. "You know when you can physically and emotionally tell that you are in a dark place." 

Speaking to Skhumba, who has also experienced the loss of a child, Bridget said: "Now I can't even remotely imagine what it might be like to physically hold your baby, and love your baby, and see your baby and have all those dreams for your baby and then lose your baby." 

Skhumba replied: "I was excited to be a father, and I had a son... In the nine weeks that my son lived I saw my son every day..."

 The South African comedian now has two children. 

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@BridgetMasinga

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