Brown Mbombo In Need Of A Booty Bodyguard?

Or what ever did she mean?

By  | Feb 11, 2022, 08:09 AM  | Brown Mbombo  | Drama

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It goes without saying that Brown Mbombo is undoubtedly one of the most loved and stunning influencers here in Mzansi. It is uncountable the number of times Mzansi has had to gush over her sizzling summer body not to mention her incredible smile. 

Just recently, the model took to her Twitter in a confession that has had tweeps raising their eyebrows. In her tweet, Brown mentioned that she needed a bodyguard to gym.

Now while she did not make it clear as to whether she needed a bodyguard so that she can go to the gym or whether she needs a bodyguard at the gym, tweeps are already having a field day at the comet section with reactions that are beyond hilarious.

As you can already imagine, her comment section is filled with her legion of admirers shooting their shot with many saying why they think they are fit for the job. But what has stood out the most, was when one tweep said that he is willing to be Brown’s booty bodyguard.

And while many have been shooting their shots, others have brought up Prince Kaybee in the whole conversation saying that maybe Brown should consider having her ex as her bodyguard. If you can remember, Brown and Kaybee were once an item but their relationship unfortunately did not work out. 

And just in case you are asking yourself, why a booty bodyguard? Well, it was just the other day when Brown decided to set the internet ablaze by flaunting what her mama gave her. And impressed is not enough to describe what Mzansi was feeling on seeing her raunchy snap.

It is always good to see our celebrities embrace their bodies and one thing is for sure, Brown can most definitely gerrit! 

And with the way the men are scrambling for an opportunity to be her bodyguard, it can only mean that Brown also knows that she can serve us some heat when she wants to. 

If only we knew what exactly she meant by bodyguard though. Still it's good to see the way her fans are loving on her and we can only hope that she will find what she is looking for soon (wink)!

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