Bujy Bikwa: "Being undermined really hurts me"

Bujy has adopted a fighting spirit to survive in the entertainment industry.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Bujy Bingwa  | Drama

Bujy Bikwa

Bujy Bikwa has had us glued to our television screens since his first stint on ‘Dance your butt off’ and in recent times, he has taken up the role of being a producer. 

The Metro FM radio personality who has been vocal about losing out on gigs because of his weight opened up about the trials he's had to face in an interview on Trending SA.

“I was getting a lot of ‘No’s in the industry in terms of going to auditions...I got so frustrated that I called a whole big meeting to say: “ok cool, what are you guys gonna do with me?” and the other guy was like: ‘You said you had a production company, how about you start with your own stories?" he said.

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Having produced three movies following his decision, Bujy reflected on the time he wrote a script on an iPad without data and how his late mother taught him how to have a fighting spirit. 

“I fight for everything that I have in the industry, and sometimes being undermined really hurts me, but I’m like, I’d rather focus on the bigger goal, I know better, I understand better, a lot of young people in the industry don’t think as far as directing, as far as producing, as far as writing…my mom and I were best friends, we had an amazing relationship...it’s been so difficult without that woman”

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