Here’s why you haven’t been seeing a lot of Bujy on your screens

He prefers working behind and not infront of the camera.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Bujy Bingwa  | Drama


Media personality Bujy Bikwa has been one of the most sought-after charismatic personalities in the industry and when we were first introduced to him on ‘Dance your butt off’ and have been captivated ever since, Bujy, however, has been working behind the scenes for most of the time.

In a recent interview on Massiv metro, Bujy revealed that breaking into the entertainment industry has always been hard as sometimes people tend to focus on the things that don’t matter most - like his weight.


“The worst thing I thought I’d be attacked for, being in the industry, was being gay”. Buji went on to add that he got the shock of his life when fans and the public were focusing on his weight instead of focusing on his work.

Although the 29-year-old media personality has now lost some weight, he says that he will never wear a suit as yet because of his size and having came into the industry to pursue television, Bujy says that he’s been working more behind the scenes with his production company.


After breaking into the industry through ‘Dance your butt off’ Bujy took a different venture behind the scene doing content producing and says that although he was given options various times to feature in his work or on screen he just enjoys writing.

Bujy went in to give us the scoop on his latest project saying that something is “pending for Generations” for 2018. We hope to see him on our screens again.

Main Image Credit: Instagram/@Bujy_Bikwa