Busiswa Gqulu responds to threats

Busiswa sheds light on her diss track 

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:44 PM  | Busiswa Gqulu  | Drama

Fans react to Busiswa's earnings

Last weekend, Busiswa’s diss verse on the Gagashe remix was trending on social media, not only because it was the first of it’s kind but also because the hitmaker was said to be throwing shade at some of the most renowned Gqom artists.

In a recent interview on Metro FM, Busiswa Gqulu shed light on her reasons for creating a diss verse:

“This is just a song standing up for someone who really didn’t have a voice of her own because this upcoming unknown artist had made a song that was starting to blow up and someone else stole the song, shot a video of it and packaged it as their own and I came through and said: 'You know what, what you’re doing is wrong'...this one specific person knows that she is wrong…”

Busiswa Gqulu and Nuz Queen

With tweeps suggesting that Gqulu was shading TDK Macasette, she went on to set the record straight about who the diss verse was directed to, speaking of the fact that she supports every female artist trying to make Gqom music, however, emphasised that they should be original and stop stealing songs from other artists.

“TDK Macasette hasn’t stolen a song according to my knowledge...and it sucks to make a diss track about people, but literally, it’s not about TDK Macasette at all...there’s another girl, her name is Nuz Queen, she just released a video called ‘Laze La Vuki...’ and that's actually a song that belongs to someone from Cape Town…

I have no reason to do that, TDK Macasette is a queen in her own right, she’s on her hustle, she’s on her grind, and I fully support that, I support all the queens that are out there trying to make Gqom music right now but let’s be creative and original…” she said.
Busiswa Gqulu

The diss track resulted in Busiswa Gqulu and Nuz Queen going back and forth in a Twar, and it got even more heated when Nuz Queen threatened to hit her, but she says that she has no plans of throwing hands and expects her fans and team to fight for her.

"She’s threatened to beat me up...she says I want the song for myself...all I’m saying is that just do the right thing and take down the song, apologise, make a new song and let everyone move on...Me I pray hey...I’m a praying woman with a good team, I’m not afraid to be anywhere, I put my gig guide up every week...I’m just saying, if anyone sees us at a venue together and think something is about to go down, please fight for me, I can’t fight...I can talk but I can’t fight…”

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