Cassper Advises Will Smith To Forgive Himself

This comes after the legendary slap on international TV

By  | Mar 28, 2022, 02:36 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

Cassper Nyovest
The whole world is still reeling from the biggest saga that has happened in recent times – Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock on national television. As celebrities weigh in, Cassper Nyovest now compares himself to Will, and advises him to forgive himself. 
We are all understandably still in a little bit of shock after witnessing the moment when Will walked up to the stage and landed a hot slap on Chris Rock’s face. This came after the comedian made a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, that she did not appreciate. He continued to yell that Chris should keep Jada’s name out of his f***ing mouth, compounding the effect of the incident. 

If you are unfamiliar with the whole saga or haven’t seen the videos, see below. 

Celebrities have been weighing in, and it is no surprise that Cassper feels a kinship with Will after watching the video. He took to Twitter to express just how much he understands why Will acted as he did, saying it is usually only a matter of time until people get tired of being the bigger person. 
He continued to agree with others who said that perhaps Will should have ignored the joke, even though he thought it was in poor taste. However, he will not vilify Will for not ignoring it either. 
He emphasised that while he is not saying that people should go around smacking others, sometimes people really talk a lot of smack about others, and maybe deserve it when such things happen to him. 
Cassper was adamant that he relates to Will’s side of the saga, and it is not hard to see why. Sometimes, spending time on Mzansi social media, it starts to look like Cassper may be the most hated South African celebrity. Does a week ever go by before he is dragged for one thing or another?
But some people think that Cassper may have accidentally vindicated AKA for slapping him some years back. I’m sure we all remember the incident when Cassper tweeted saying AKA had walked up to him in a club and slapped him for no reason, with no provocation. 
The two of them have been famously beefing for years, though. So was it really with no provocation? I mean, they have both said some truly nasty things about each other, so does Cassper mean that AKA was right to slap him all those years ago? 
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