Cassper Livid Over Disrespect Towards Nasty C’s Girl

“Someone disrespecting my dude’s girl on Twitter for likes”

By  | Sep 28, 2020, 08:25 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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South African rapper, Cassper Nyovest, is furious over a recent video from the page Slik Talk SA, which saw the host trashing Nasty C’s long-time girlfriend, Sammie Heavens. The video hears him accusing her of being with him for clout, and claimed that she had no accolades or achievements to her name other than being the award-winning rapper’s girlfriend. 

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The video, which has since gone viral, caught the attention of Cassper, who was shocked to see the page trashing the young woman for no reason. He stated, “Hahaha.. Just say you want to be Nasty C's girl. You don't have to disrespect the poor girl like that. Just say "Mina I wanna spread my butcheeks for the boy.” When fans questioned why he was getting personally affected by drama that didn’t concern him, the new father followed up with, “I just saw a video of someone disrespecting my dudes girl on twitter for likes. I'm warning kids about a trend a see my nigga, I’m a leader. I won’t sit and keep quiet when I can see something brewing. I can't.” 

Cassper then went on to express his outrage at the page who had developed a video purely aimed at accumulating views and likes, despite the awful content. He believes that there are many people who have developed YouTube channels to hate on others, and that it has become trendy to make channels with the same aim. “People have seen how easy it is to become popular on social media. Just pick someone who people love and disrespect them enough times to get a reaction from their fans and then boom, you're a very popular. One of you mofos are gonna get punched in the face soon. Just watch!!!”.
Despite the accusations made against her, Sammie has been open and honest about the struggles she has faced dating a famous rapper. Sammie and the Nasty C have been in a relationship for some time now and in the beginning, the rapper kept the relationship under wraps. Their relationship has definitely been something fans have obviously expressed their opinions about from their cheating scandals to just about anything that revolves around me.
In her YouTube video shared this past weekend, Sammie explains her personal experiences of dating someone in the limelight and she definitely feels that too much is known about her relationship. Sammie in her video also addressed how fans feel about her listening to other rapper's music or attending their shows. Recently a video of Sammie vibed to A-Reece's music whilst he was performing live and some Team A-Reece fans felt some type of about this.

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