Cassper Nyovest Knocks Out Priddy Ugly

Mufasa takes the W

By  | Oct 02, 2022, 03:22 AM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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The highly anticipated celebrity boxing match between Cassper Nyovest and Priddy Ugly took place last night, 1 October at the Sun Bet Arena at Times Square Casino in Pretoria. It was meant to be 5 rounds but ended in 2 seconds.

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Building up to the boxing match over the past few weeks, tensions were heightened between the two rappers through confrontation at the press conference and relentless shade online.

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Gearing up to the fight earlier this week, the over-confident Angolan rapper, Priddy Ugly went so far as to write on Twitter  "I had to lose a lot of muscle mass to fight you. You about to lose to someone shorter, way lighter, less facial hair & you have a Bentley & McLaren + you filled up the dome & you trained for 3 years, just to lose to me. Damn, Iโ€™d be dropping wack raps too โ€ฆ"

In his promotional video for the match, Priddy Ugly made it clear that the business man and rapper, Cassper Nyovest stood no chance in the boxing match. He also further emphasized Nyovest bravery after he lost the first celebrity boxing match against Naak Musiq in April. 

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Meanwhile Cassper Nyovest who has been sharing his training in preparation for the boxing match online, stood his ground. The rapper also warned Priddy Ugly that he should not have touched his hat and that he was getting a bit to cocky.

The ongoing beef online put into question which rapper is all bark but no bight? That question was answered as Cassper Nyovest knocked out Priddy Ugly within what felt like 2 seconds in the first round of the epic boxing match.

Here's what some Tweeps had to say about the match as it got Priddy Ugly:

Cassper Nyovest energized after the knockout, shared that he wants to fight Naak Musiq for that belt and if it's not him then the fight everyone wants to see is Nyovest VS AKA.

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