Is Cassper A Sore Loser?

He claims the judges robbed him during his fight with Naak

By  | Apr 19, 2022, 09:02 AM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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If you were hoping to see Cassper Nyovest on Podcast and Chill with MacG, then we advise not to hold your breath. The rapper had blatantly said he will go on that podcast if he loses the fight between he and Naak Musiq, but has changed his mind despite him taking an L at Sun City.

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“If I lose the fight with Naak I will go on MacG’s podcast. If I beat Naak, I’ll never go on that show,” a very smug Cassper once tweeted.

A fan asked Cassper if he will go on that podcast and he said he did not lose the fight, so he will not go. Many people saw this as him taking an even bigger L because he is a sore loser.

Cassper opened the floor to a much needed debate on the fight as a whole but he still stick to his guns and said he did not lose at all.
Cassper said although Naak gave a pretty good fight, he thinks it should have been a draw and the decision made for him to lose was very weird to him.
Not letting him go that easily though was Slik Talk who said Cassper Nyovest is a fraud and a coward for not sticking to his word of going on the podcast.

"Before the boxing match between Cassper Nyovests and Naak Musiq, Cassper made a promise on his own accord that if he would lose that fight, he would head to Podcast and Chill. That's what he said, nobody forced him to say it. And Now Cassper Nyovest has changed and said he can't go to that fight, he was robbed by the judges.

"Cassper Nyovest, each and every day you keep exposing yourself as a fraudulent coward, that's what you are. A man that makes a promise and does not fulfill that promise in my eyes is a coward. Everybody watched that fight, everybody saw that you lost fair and square.

He said that he might have won the first two rounds but then he lost the whole fight entirely. He slams Cassper for implying that he was robbed which is not something that is possible seeing how it is his only event.

Slik Talk then says the only person who was robbed was him because instead of having three rounds, he had two. "I still took my L, I didn't want to fight, I didn't want to argue."

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On this topic, Cassper claimed that he fought Slik Talk with less heavier gloves compared to his fight with Naak, so he could not have possibly knocked him out.

Slik Talk was on a roll yesterday when he also bashed Uncle Waffles. “So I just got the news that Drake posted Uncle Waffles on his Instagram story, and Uncle Waffles is out here celebrating like she won a f***ing academy award. Boohoo Uncle Waffles. Drake posted you on his Instagram story. That does not impress me one bit,” he said.

Slik Talk then took it a bit further by saying, “Drake is trying to smash; that’s it.” 

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