Cassper Nyovest's Efforts To Save Hip-Hop Leaves Us Dizzy

Maybe Hip-Hop needs a stronger intervention

By  | Aug 19, 2022, 09:30 AM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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Cassper Nyovest is undeniably a Hip-Hop legend, along with being a pop culture influence and pioneer locally. At the start of his career, Nyovest was understood as the rapper who represented the dream of many aspiring musicians from impoverished backgrounds looking to make it big, for not just themselves but their friends and family too. 

He would then become the maverick of reinvention in South Africa by sometimes dabbling in other music genres which were not Hip-Hop. A decision which polarised the general Hip-Hop audience, but earned him kudos from his fans as he would be able to maintain his hitmaking credentials even in the genres he dabbled in. But time seems to be catching up with the rapper and his lyrics, as his latest return to Hip-Hop might not be yielding the same effects he thought it would…

Cassper Nyovest, the businessman 

Cassper Nyovest in recent years has arguably found more success as a businessman than a musician. A fact which should not be a surprise for die-hard fans, as the leader of the Tsipibians was always touted as one of the greatest marketing brains in the entertainment industry. However, in recent years, he managed to merge his marketing acumen with profitable and legacy-building initiatives. 

One of his most recognisable footprint is as the brains behind the Drip-endorsed and funded underwear and shoe brand, Root of Fame or ROF, as it has come to be known. Initially, releasing male-pumps touted on the basis that they were created and pushed by Nyovest and earning co-signs from Mihlali Ndamase and Anele Mdoda to name a few. 

Nyovest has been confirmed to be set to release a new range, which will be supported by a documentary as to how the new design and what the brand identity of the brand will be. 
His most recent adventures in business have been profitable adventures which has affirmed his business acumen. Whether it is the release of the Grandeur look-alike bottled liqueur Billiato. Or the celebrity boxing matches which are set to make a return with Priddy Ugly now set to get in the ring with Nyovest, that is if he has signed the contract that is… Nyovest has proven that he knows a thing or two about business. But it is the music that fans are worried that maybe, just maybe he needs to return to the drawing board. 
Cassper Nyovest's efforts to save Hip-Hop leaves us dizzy 

In 2020, Cassper released his most recent Hip-Hop project, A.M.N which was an acronym for Any Minute Now, an album which was released to celebrate the birth of his first child and son. The album had arguably a lacklustre release with the only notable song to date being his collaborative single with Zola 7 titled Hlengiwe. But mostly, the attention the album garnered was criticism over how it lacked that thing.

But Nyovest would return in 2022 with his feature on Ooh Ahh, which many touted for the disses he was able to add to the track. Specifically as he seemed to be coming for current It Rapper Focalistic. Seemingly, that encouraged Nyovest to begin making his way back to his roots. As always, Mufasa was in his pocket ahead of the release of his new single Put Your Hands Up. 
However, following the release of the sampled single, fans were less than impressed with the single which was aimed at β€œsaving” Hip-Hop. 
But it does seem that there are those that have supported the release by suggesting that the single is not meant as a radio single, but one which has a larger and live audience envisioned for the song’s playing quality.. Only time will tell, along with Nyovest when he finds a way to spin the single’s lacklustre reception. 

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