Cassper On The Dangers Of Being Successful

Even Black Coffee agrees with him

By  | Oct 22, 2021, 01:14 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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Drip Footwear founder Lekau Sehoana took to Twitter to express his sadness and disbelief after he lost a loved one. MD of Drip Footwear, Glenda Ndlanzi had been shot dead, leaving her friends and family, especially Lekau, shattered.

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According to reports, she got shot outside her home in Pretoria and nothing was taken during the attack.  “My life will never be the same... I am shattered,” tweeted Lekau who is now living under extreme fear.

He told SowetanLive that he is also fearful of his life as he is trying to make sense of this, “I am not OK. I am grieving at the moment. I do not know why this happened and I am confused about it. I also fear for my life because I do not have any answers about this,” he told the publication.

The success of Drip Footwear comes when it is not even 2 year's old. Lekau described Glenda as the foundation, the rock and the anchor of Drip Footwear. In the statement, Drip says they will miss her "passion, dedication and loyalty to the brand."

Cassper Nyovest, his business partner took to social media to express how difficult it is to be successful in South Africa as you have to constantly live in fear. He said it is very dangerous to become successful in this country.

Black Coffee agreed with Cassper as he shared a sad emoji and said "eish." Cassper added that it is 'our own' people who target successful people, "Hai grootman its bad. We working hard only to become targeted by our own people."

Cassper's tweets were referencing this incident of the killing of Glenda and the shooting of Max's Lifestyle owner, Max Mqadi. He said, "I'm so Glad Max made it out alive. Such an inspiring man. Such a strong black man. A legend. South Africa is not safe man. It's becoming more and more dangerous to be successful."

Cassper continued saying they do not step on anybody's toes yet they are targeted. He calls for less death's, "Stay prayed up and hope we make it through, raise our kids and teach them how to survive. We don't even step on nobody's toes and we still not safe. God be with all the good hearts. More love, more life, less hate , less death."

Cassper then spoke about the success of Amapiano and in his opinion, the people who are making it so successful are actually rapper's who are inspired by Hip Hop. "A Lotta of the Kids who are killing it in the Piano scene are actually rappers & trappers who chose not to box themselves. You can see it in the fashion sense, you can see it with their names, their writing. Those are SA Hip Hop kids who were smart enough to explore their talents."

A lot of people did not agree with him but he stood his ground and continued saying he will not argue with people because he has made it in life, literally.  "And you laaities that think I'm gonna be here on Twitter arguing with you all day and night missed the train. That's the old me!!! I don't do that shit no more!!! If you ain't gone take the jewels I'm dropping, your loss. I really made it, fuck a like, I sold tickets. Peace!"

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