Have Cassper Nyovest And Riky Rick Called It Quits?

The two rappers are slowly dishing out the deets on their tainted friendship

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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The biggest notion around celebrity friendships is that they are always short lived and all though there are some close relationships tend to challenge that concept, there are still some that publicly take the axe, proving those that were not fans of that union right.

If you’re a die-hard fan of the South African hip hop culture, you would have realized that Cassper Nyovest and Riky Rick have been ‘portraying’ a really close friendship, on various occasions the rappers have exchanged heartwarming words both on stage and on social media about their friendship saying that they are friends first and foremost because they care about the ‘art and the state of the youth’ because they both are ‘products of the music’ that they consumed.

Well..the rapper’ friendship has seemingly come to end and that could be because of a possible misunderstanding.


After Riky Rick’s cotton fest lineup was announced, many fans questioned why his supposed best friend Cassper Nyovest was not included, yet his rivals AKA and Stogie T. 

Speaking to Slikour in a recent interview, Riky Rick spoke on their relationship saying that he needed to more relationships that are more genuine and not just about ‘equity trade’.

“I think you don’t always need to...equity trade and sometimes the situation just doesn’t feel right and for me, I’m the type of person that’s like trying to do stuff that’s real...it’s gotta be real from this point...I’ve been going through a lot of stuff for the past 12 months and it woke me up to like: ‘Sh*ts gotta be real’...so it can’t just be about equity trade, so I don’t want any more relationships like that...based on tit for tat, but it’s weird because we get a lot of feedback for it you know? And it’s like it’s all on us and I know some stories need to stay in the streets, they will always stay in the streets...somethings are just not for public consumption so I’m keeping personal relationships and I’m keeping business relationships business. 

Alluding to the fact that they had a business disagreement that affected their personal relationship, Riky Rick went on to add that there was a deeper story that people should consider, either than just looking at the surface side of the matter.

“So if something does not work out it’s not personal. I would love real friendships and I would love my friendships to not mix with what we’re doing on the business side...sometimes there’s a deeper story, but sometimes the deeper story doesn’t have to come from anybody...what I would expect...people gotta look deeper than looking on the surface, all that surface sh*t is done...that’s over”


On Saturday Morning - the date of Riky Rick’s Cotten festival - Cassper Nyovest took expressed his reasons for not attending the event in a series of Twitter posts, saying that he and Riky had no beef and were simply not talking. 

Take a look at the series of tweets below:
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