Fill Up A Stadium Before You Fill Up Someone's Womb

Can the youth just be!

By  | Sep 20, 2020, 11:32 AM  | Cassper Nyovest  | Drama

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Cassper Nyovest loves to have his horn blow, we all know that but never did we think it would Sunday’s spiritual leader, Lesesdi’s Ntate Thuso Motaung; especially at the expense of the youth.

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For some reason, Ntate Thuso Motaung decided to use Cassper Nyovest as the quintessence during the parables he told in the aim to drag or inspire the youth, depending on who you ask. One of the matters that the Lesedi FM veteran broadcaster has caught heat for was when he dragged youth that have had their children out of wedlock, which is ironic considering that Cassper and Thobeka “Bexxxdoesitbetter” Majozi are not married - Unless Cassper has been keeping a secret from all of us. 

Ntate Thuso said a line that has stuck with many of the listeners which was in reference to Mufasa and his series of “Fill Up” concerts. The spiritual leader suggested that maybe the youth needs to focus on filling up stadiums like the leader of the Tsipibians, rather than being the ones that are getting filled or vice-versa. The jab felt personal to many and they used they Twitter happy fingers to make it clear.
One person that did enjoy the drag that Ntate Thuso was dishing out was our very own fave, Cassper Nyovest. We all know that Mufasa loves being given his flowers and Ntate Thuso clearly bought the entire florist shop and personally delivered the flowers which Cassper was here for.  Cassper shared his feelings on hear the praise from the Ntate Thuso on social media.  The tweet went on to continue telling the chronicles of Cassper and his bonding session with his biological father. 
In a previous post, Cassper had revealed that he recently managed to take his father and family to uShaka Marine. Cassper in a touching post let us imagine what it was like to watch the man you look up having fun and being relaxed through efforts that you are responsible for.  The story is one that tugs at the heart, so maybe that is why Ntate Thuso is also in his feels. Or maybe, Ntate Thuso was just looking for an invite.
Cassper is currently in his beach house in Durban with his entire family. His dad flew down to Durban to see the birth of his grandson and has stayed over to bond with the family. Cassper of late has reflected a lot on having his father there, who he considers his “Superman.”

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