"I'm angry because Chomee STILL has my dress!"

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:47 PM  | Chomee  | Drama

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Singer and dancer Chomee has infuriated celebrity stylist Lindani Ndwandwa by failing to return a dress she rented towards the end of last year.

According to the Daily Sun, Lindani is at his wit’s end and fed up of pleading with Chomee to return the dress he says she hired from him for an event in October 2013, so much so that he’s considering reporting her to the police.

Speaking to the publication, Lindani fumed: “This is the first time that someone has treated me this way! I have dressed a lot of famous people and they have never done anything like this.”

“I feel so disrespected by Chomee, to the point that I don’t want her money any more. I just want the dress back,” he added.

“When I call or SMS her she sometimes answers, but after I told her I was going to open a case against her she has been quiet.”

Chomee will have to fork out a hefty amount if she were to pay the money she owes the stylist, who explained that he charged the singer R950 to hire the dress, and that clients are required to pay 10 percent for each day items returned late.

Also unable to contact Chomee, the people’s paper eventually got hold of the singer’s manager and rumoured beau, Arthur Mafokate, who admitted that even he doesn’t know where she is.

 “I am struggling to get hold of her at the moment but I will sort this out with the stylist.” - Said Mafokate

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