Chris Brown never parting ways with his Mary-Jane

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:48 PM  | Chris Brown  | Drama

According to international tabloids Chris Brown was apparently kicked out of rehab after refusing to give up his bag of the holy herb.
The “Love More” singer was sentenced to a 90 day treatment in the Malibu facility earlier on this month. 

Even though ‘Breezy’ agreed to give up internet access and even going as far as surrendering his cell-phone he showed no signs of backing down when staff members ordered him to hand over the illegal drug.

TMZ reports claim that Brown requested to take the cannabis with him reassuring the staff that the drug was actually prescribed by a doctor to help him deal with depression and calm down his nerves?

“We’re told Chris kicked up a stink, claiming pot makes him calm, but the staff was unbending.” Reports claimed.

You’d think that besides the weed, Christopher’s mom would be that one person that can handle his aggressive spats but even ‘mom-breezy’ couldn’t tame her ranging bull of a son after he reportedly threw a rock at his mother’s car window during a joint counselling session a couple of weeks ago.

We wonder if Chris will ever be able to just create good music and leave all the industry drama behind him.  Maybe he should move out of Los Angeles and relocate to a differant city, after all Hollywood is infamous for clipping the wings of many talented angels.