[Watch]: Breezy's Vosho Attempt!

The singer channels Zodwa wabantu.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Chris Brown  | Drama

The vosho is a uniquely South African dance. It gained its popularity after South African entertainer, Zodwa Wabantu trended across various social media platforms as she nailed this dance for a large crowd at a Durban establishment called  Eyadini.

The internet was set abuzz when international music sensation, Chris Brown was recorded in a video doing what seemed like the vosho. When one looks closer at the video, it is almost clear that Breezy's vosho is his own version but there are strong elements that could easily constitute it as the vosho that we all know as South Africans.

However scrolling down the comment section, some people were left unimpressed with Chris's enhanced version of the vosho.
Check out the video below:
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Other international celebrities that have borrowed some our smooth African moves include, Grammy award winning musician, Beyonce Knowles - Carter. Being forever the innovator, she requested the impeccable services of Mozambican based dance group called, Tofo Tofo.

Upon their discovery on YouTube, Beyonce's team swiftly made travelling arrangements for them to fly up to the United Stated of America. Two of the males in the group appear during the first half of the Beyonce's Run The World music video. South Africans in particular were very proud and excited to witness what we refer to as Pantsula dance at that level of artistic expression platform.

The Grammy stage in the year 2018 was set alight when Barbados singer, Rihanna was seen incorporating some modern American dance moves with South Africa's very own popular dance called, the Gwara Gwara. This particular dance was made popular by DJ Bongz.

Much like the 2010 world cup, the world had its eyes on South Africa in December last year. This was in regards to the much anticipated Global Citizen Festival. Many of our international musicians gave stellar performances, however it was R&B sensation, Usher Raymond that thrilled the crowd and viewers when he nailed the Gwara Gwara as well.

It is often said that, the World is looking to Africa for the next big thing. And ain't that the truth?

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