Skeem Saam: Is Kwaito Falling For Glenda Again?

Lizzy won’t be too happy about this.

By  | Sep 24, 2020, 06:00 PM  | Clement Maosa  | Drama

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After finishing his Engineering Degree in Johannesburg Skeem Saam’s Zamokuhle returned home to Turfloop for his practicals where he also found permanent employment.

It was during this time that he fell in love with former highschool mate Elizabeth Thobakgale and called things off with his then-girlfriend Glenda.

After trying everything she can to rescue her relationship with Zamo, Glenda accepted that he had moved and she did the same.
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Fast-forward to 2020, she’s now back in the picture after finding employment at the nut factory and residing at Kwaito’s house for a few days while looking for a place to stay.

It appears that during that time Zamo started developing feelings for Glenda again. First of all, he didn’t see the need to tell his current girlfriend Elizabeth that Glenda was staying at his house. He’s also been extremely overprotective of Glenda – more than he should actually.
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He recently attacked Mr Langa who tried to harass Glenda at Maphosa Nuts. This, of course, was noble of Kwaito as no man has the right to touch any woman without her consent. However, right now it appears Zamo is too involved in his ex’s life. He checks on her frequently, perhaps more than he should.

Also, Kwaito has been caught on more than one occasion gazing into Glenda’s eyes with admiration. He may be in denial about this but his friends have also noticed it.
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In the most recent episode of the soap-drama, Glenda bought the Ntulis gifts for letting her stay with them while she was stranded, as well as Kwaito who gladly accepted it.

Glenda is on a mission to win her man back and Lizzy won’t be too happy about this.

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