Isencane Lengane's Twists And Turns Has Viewers On The Edge Of Their Seats

After the revelations that Thando learned from the Sangoma

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The controversial Moja LOVE's Isencane Lengane reality TV show continues to keep viewers at the edge of their seats. Following the recent revelations that Thando Msomi learned after visiting Isangoma. Viewers are already up in arms with how the situation has Msomi's both hands tied up.

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A number of shocking and troublesome instances has had viewers ready to boycott Isencane Lengane for a while now. In the past episodes, the show broadcasted Gender-Based Violence against Thando Msomi from her husband, Siyacela Dlamuka.

The recent eventualities on the latest episode that saw the ever worried Thando Msomi going to Isangoma to seek light and clarity. Viewers learned quite enough to be fully convinced that Msomi should leave her marriage with Dlamuka before it is too late.

"#isencaneLengane The truth is finally out. Thando was fed muthi by someone very close to her and we all know who did it" wrote Jabulani Macdonald
Viewers are also convinced that the late Siyacela Dlamuka's father Bab' Dlamuka allegedly bewitched Thando Msomi. The statement made by Thando Msomi's mom about her being possibly bewitched had scores of outraged viewers urging Msomi to leave her marriage to Siyacela.

"Did Thando's mum just say that Dlamuka allegedly bewitched Thando? What will Siyacela and the Dlamukas say about the allegations? Find out on the next episode of Dragonball Z... #IsencaneLengane" wrote MMbaliyezwe Ndlela
What has been worrisome for scores of viewers is how Thando Msomi has completely alienated her father through her husband's influence, Siyacela Dlamuka. Msomi pushing away her both her mother and father is Dlamuka's way to create an island for them where they are completely isolated from the outside world.

"#isencaneLengane Thando will regret cutting off her father. Siyacela brainwashed her into disrespecting her family and pushing them away and he is slowly succeeding." wrote Jabulani Macdonald
"One day Thando will regret disrespecting her father to impress Siyacela. #IsencaneLengane" wrote Mbaliyezwe Ndlela
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