Former RHODurban Star Mabusi Seme Mizes The Socials Amidst Making Headlines

This comes after the topic of Mabusi Vibes was discussed on the show

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Former Real Housewives of Durban star Mabusi Seme has since mized the socials amidst making headlines. Seme's name was brought up in the recent episode of the show during a discussion between the ladies and not in a good way.

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Scores of tweeps are outraged on Mabusi Seme's behalf following an unsavoury commentary made about her. During a conversation between co-stars, Slee Ndlovu and Mbaliyesizwe Ngiba, Seme caught strays as the term 'Mabusi vibes' topic was brought up.

Following how 'Mabusi vibes' was explained by Mbali Ngiba when she finally confronted co-star Nonku Williams, who had earlier gossiped about her and inserted that she gives the 'Mabusi vibes. Ngiba's reference and explanation was rather condescending, demeaning and tarnishing the brand, Mabusi Seme.

"So according to Mbali, Mabusi vibes means ‘dirty’ and ‘poor’! Mbali is actually disrespecting Mabusi at this point! She’s pissing me off! She doesn’t even know Mabusi! I dont know how Nonku meant it, but neither does Mbali #RHODurban #RHOD" wrote Nthabi
Viewers have since expressed their dislike over how Mabusi Seme was dragged in a distasteful manner on the show, even though she is no longer part of it.

"I need Nonku to explain what she meant by Mabusi vibes and iZwide to explain how she came to that conclusion that a Mabusi vibes means she’s dirty and low class. I’m actually annoyed on Mabusi’s behalf, both these b*tches bajwayela kabi uMabusi #RHODurban" wrote
"How is Mabusi vibe equivalent to low class and dirty? I feel like iZwide's reaction is unjustified. #RHODurban" wrote Foxy ka Zwide
Even Entertainment Commentator took to social media to air some of his disgruntlement, after keeping mum for a long minute and not giving commentary about the show.

"Does the “Mabusi vibes” comment really warrant all this drama Mbali is trying to conjure? Maybe I’m missing something. I see it as Sis doing a bit too much to earn screentime. Nonku can be messy but this can’t be what Mbali clocks her for. Doesn’t compute." wrote Entertainment Commentator, Phil Mphela
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