Separated at birth? Cleo Moloi and Steffi Brink

The resemblance is undeniable

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Cleo Moloi  | Drama

Separated at birth? Cleo Moloi and Steffi Brink

We never really noticed just how alike Cleo Moloi and Steffi brink look until we found ourselves on Lehasa Moloi's Instagram page fawning over how great he and his wife look in their fitness snaps...

... until we thought "wait, why is Lehasa working out with Clint Brink's wife, Steffi?"

But we checked the tag on the photo and it was listed as Cleo Moloi (nee Rinkwest) who we know to be Moloi's wife. Then we checked out Steffi's Instagram page and it was like we were seeing double.

And though they don't look EXACTLY the same, the muscles are harder to discern because all we see is abs, and calves and glutes and we just start to question why we're so unfit.

And would they bond over their love for fitness and their yummy husbands?

So many questions!

Main image credit: via @steffionthebrink and @cleomoloi