Coconut Kelz Mops The Floor With Slik Talk

"What a misogynistic loser!"

By  | Nov 21, 2021, 10:50 AM  | Drama

Image of Slik Talk
There is a big new sensation on the block, and he has debuted as South Africa’s top celebrity hater. Podcaster Slik Talk has been making waves for the last few months, as a professional hater. Using his podcast as his main platform, he has made many videos to trash different ZAlebs, and tweeps are finally done with him. 

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Slik Talk has made a name for himself by selecting a new celebrity every week then bashing them. Initially, there were tweeps that agreed with him, especially when he was trolling celebrities they didn’t like.  Now, fans are beginning to ask themselves, why on earth is he even famous? 
Slik Talk ought to remember that the internet is unforgiving, and just because you’re on their good side today, doesn’t mean you’ll stay on their good side forever. The internet has turned its brutal gaze in his direction. Nothing about him is being spared, from his voice, to his content, to his weight -- tweeps are done with him and they are letting him know.
Anyone who has been keeping track would have seen this coming from a mile away. It all got shaky when he went after Cassper Nyovest and DJ Maphorisa. He told the former to “stop behaving like a teenage girl”, and called Phori a simp. 
But the final nail in his coffin came when he chose to go after Uncle Waffles. The young DJ is largely unproblematic, and doesn’t even wage twars with anyone, which is why people feel so strongly about defending her. 

Speaking on his YouTube channel, he called her “the worst, highest paid DJ” he had ever seen in his life, and “a pretty girl with zero talent”. He also said she was getting less beautiful with time… apparently he found her more attractive when she was 19 years old than she is at 21. In how many languages can you say “weird”?
Tweeps have launched an attack on him for his comments, led by Coconut Kelz. He has been called out for misogynoir -- a term phrased for someone who hates on black women. He has also been called creepy for his comment on Uncle Waffles’ “aging”. In addition, he has been trashed for body shaming young women, especially when he is bigger than both the women he shamed. 

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Clearly, Kelz had time, and she left him nowhere to hide, and fans agree. The biggest criticism he received is against his voice. There are sure to be some coming up to defend him and stop people from bullying him, but if you can dish it, surely you can take it, right?

Unfortunately, we know that he is chasing clout, and this hate train will only fuel his ambitions. He will certainly be hitting back soon, so we would advise Coconut Kelz and all our other favourite ZAlebs to stay safe and ready. 
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