Da L.E.S Reveals Why He Would Never Smash Bonang Or Boity

He prefers friendship

By  | Nov 28, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Da L.E.S  | Drama

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While a fair amount of men in the world would give anything to share the sheets with Boity and Bonang, Da L.E.S is not one of them.

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He made that very clear with his recent appearance on Mac G's Youtube podcast. The podcaster coaxed him into playing a game of Smash or Pash during their interview which is when the rapper addressed all the dating rumours. 

On Boity, he had this to say:

She is not my cup of tea, l gotta be honest. Don't get me wrong l love Boity and she knows it, we would hang out and would say we were doing something but it was just a normal thing. I don't even think she is attracted to me. So l am going to pass"

On Bonang: 

"Pass, she is my sister bro, l can see why people love her she takes care of herself, she is very confident and works very hard but l don't see her like that. i have known her for year. We met while she was still in high school dating a mutual friend of mine and l was dating her friend.They were upset with us for dating other girls in their school. But either way we started our careers and we have been supporitng each other and seeing each other grow. I used to tell her about my dreams to do a lingerie line"
While we thought Da Les was dating Pearl Thusi. They looked so cosy in the press the rapper deined it and said

"Absolutely not! No. I never dated Pearl, people wanted us to date but we didn't" 
A few years ago he was in the headlines after he encountered some baby amam drama. Da Les, who has been doing solo work has a daughter Madison with
A close colleague of the musician said the woman had been living there for several months, but that she and Da Les were not quite a couple. Mmmm, sounds like troubel in paradise.
The friend told the Sundayworld  that Da Les is not happy about the turn of evenets 'because the pregnancy wasn't planned. But he wants to do the right thing, and his mother is thrilled that there's going to be a little Les running around in the house'.
The woman, who is about 23, has been staying at the family home for about five months.
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