Danny K Calls Out White South Africans

His views have ruffled a few feathers

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:43 PM  | Danny K  | Drama

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You might be wondering why Danny K has suddenly become a topic of discussion recently, especially considering that Danny is all about his business and music.

A few hours ago, the musician did not mince his words when he expressed his frustrations towards White South Africans who are not addressing the issue of racism in the country.

Danny K took to social media recently and urged his fellow white South Africans to speak up against racism, especially when racist events continue to occur on a daily basis in our country.

"Not enough white people call out racism when it rears its ugly head. Yes it may be uncomfortable and yes you may be the singular unpopular opinion, but stand firm and have COURAGE. We can no longer be silent," he tweeted.

His comment received an onslaught of backlash from fellow white South Africans.

One social media user asked him whether he was about to drop a new album as Danny K's tweet seemed to be a bit desperate for his liking.

Danny K followed up with another tweet where he expressed how perplexed he was at the lack of white people's ability to understand where he comes from with his statement about racism.

"I'm totally bewildered with the lack of empathy shown by many white South Africans. You don't need to be woke to get that, for the most part, we have benefited from the marginalisation and exclusion of people of colour. Own your priveldge, appreciate it and pay it forward."

While on the other hand, South African politician - Hellen Zille commented by saying that Danny K needs some spelling lessons; a comment which did not sit well with Danny K.

Although he's been criticized by some white and black South Africans, the musician still stands by his words and insists that white South Africans need to acknowledge the fact that they benefited from their white privilege and that they need to do more in combating racism in the country.

His comment has thus opened up a can of worms on social media as many South Africans have joined in on the white privilege debate.

The likes of Kabelo Mabalane who is also Danny K's business partner has commended him for his current stance against racism as well.

What are your thoughts on the matter?

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