Date My Family: The case of expensive & cheap wine

When your worth is determined on whether you drink cheap or expensive liquor.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | Drama


There was quite a high standard that was expected from Sunday night's episode of Date My Family & it wasn't even from the bachelor.

Viewers of Date My Family were clearly annoyed by the high standards that were set by some of the family representatives from each family, especially when it came to Sabelo's family.

On Sunday night we were introduced to a soft-spoken Dumi from Orange Farm. Dumi, who really didn't have high expectations when it came to the type of person he wants to date. Dumi was merely in search of someone he could vibe with, whilst on the other hand, the other three men who were his potential dates had other expectations in mind, especially when it came to 21-year-old Sabelo.


Sabelo who was represented by his close friend and brother, rubbed off Date My Family viewers the wrong way when Dumi immediately walked into their household. From Sabelo's facial expression, we could tell that he was not feeling Dumi at all, and his family echoed his exact sentiments.

The date became super awkward when Dumi mentioned that he was not choosey when it came the type of wine he enjoyed drinking, whether it was cheap or expensive wine it really did not matter as long as he enjoyed him a nice glass of wine. This clearly did not settle well with the family and with Sabelo as well. Dumi was even judged for wanting more wine from the family, wait, wasn't this supposed to be a dinner date?

Anyway, Dumi had the perfect response for the family and mentioned that when he steps outside, no one will know whether he drank expensive or cheap wine and hence he was not fixated on the price tag when it came to his liquor.

Now that was a response that was admired by many.

Sabelo, on the other hand, received a few choice words from the public, even BoityΒ chipped in as well.

Now we know that there are a few wine connoisseurs out there who understand and appreciate the taste difference between cheap & expensive wine, but does the price of wine truly maketh a man?

We think not.

Thankfully, Dumi did not choose Sabelo and Sabelo was also as grateful that he was not the chosen one.

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