#DateMyFamily: A rude and picky guest

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:46 PM  | Drama

This week’s episode had a bit of a twist. We were introduced to 26-year-old bachelor Siyanda Nyembe. Siyanda wasn’t looking for his princess, he was looking for his prince charming.

As expected, Siyanda was introduced to three families and had the opportunity to dine with each family and then make his choice based on how he was and wasn’t treated.

Reggie’s family were the first to host Siyanda. Before we go too much into detail on how the lunch went, we want to talk about Siyanda’s not-so-winning outfit. That cap and the jersey hanging over the shoulder were a huge failure. Even when he entered the house, Reggie wasn’t impressed and knew immediately that he would friendzone Siyanda. Fortunately, the meeting with Reggie’s people went well without any drama.

The second family which shared a meal Siyanda unleashed the drama queen in him. First Siyanda complained that Kennedy stays in a township and doesn’t want to date someone from the township. What does a township have to do with love? We don’t know, probably Siyanda would have explained it better. The luncheon was a disaster because of Siya’s unspeakable attitude. He complained that their dishes were dirty, they didn’t have wine, and also didn’t own a corkscrew. He literally wiped the spoons and plates with his tissue. But who are Siyanda’s parents, didn’t they teach him manners? We are not surprised why he’s still single and by the looks of things, this lad is going to be alone for quite some time with that stinking attitude.

The last family to host unruly Siyanda was Kefue’s folks. Fortunately, things went well with this meeting, Mr Rude was impressed with their cooking and even asked for a takeaway. What we find intriguing about this episode is that Siyanda wasn’t looking for a guy with girly tendencies and his potential dates were also hoping that Siyanda wasn't too feminine.

Oh and Siyanda apparently appeared on 3 Talk?

So Siyanda chose to go out with Reggie because he heard that he is a personal trainer and has all the muscles in the right places. Upon meeting Reggie and realising that he’s not what he had in mind, he came out straight and told him he has a pot belly and was expecting much more from him because he’s a personal trainer.

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The date didn’t really go well because Siyanda was disappointed with Reggie’s physical appearance and for backup he had Kefue’s phone number. We are not sure how he got hold of Kefue’s number but whatever the case might be we hope he missed one number or Kefue has change his number, the young man doesn’t deserve to be tortured with Siyanda’s brash behaviour.