Miss SA on the verge of tears about glove outrage

Demi Leigh Peters says her reasons for wearing the gloves were purely hygienic.

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Miss SA on the verge of tears about glove outrage

As part of her philanthropic duties for that whole beauty with a purpose thing, SA's fairest of them all Demi Leigh Nel Peters joined some volunteers as part of the Maslow Hotel's Soup Kitchen initiative which saw 300 children receive meals yesterday. 

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And while the purpose of the post was to highlight the current Miss SA doing good, some South Africans were focused on something entirely different. 

The situation then became a talking point for the nation with many coming to Miss SA's defence, posting images of other instances in which she completed her charity work without wearing gloves. 

But at the centre of it all was Demi Leigh who had gotten word of the accusations and took to social media last night to clarify the situation. In the video, Peters is visibly emotional as she tries to clear up what she calls a misunderstanding.

A message from Miss South Africa @demileighnp #MaslowSoupKitchen

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She said that she wore gloves purely for hygiene purposes and that the other volunteers also had gloves on. She also added that the focal point of this should be the fact that children who otherwise go hungry got meals that they don't usually get. 

Most social media users are not accepting her explanation however and continue to question her wearing the gloves. 

What do you think? Unnecessary outrage or justifiable scrutiny?


South African social media users tried to ridicule Miss SA by creating the #MissSAChallenge in which they completed ordinary tasks while wearing gloves and other things wrapped in plastic 

But, PLOT TWIST, Miss SA was in on the joke too and used if for a good cause. She posted her own #MissSAChallenge video and challenged South Africa to join her at the next soup kitchen in order to make a real difference in the lives of the children at the shelter. 

Plus it looks like homegirl is a little shady and petty because she ended the video by blowing South Africa a kiss with a hand covered by a glove. We see you Demi Leigh 

View the rest of the #MissSAchallenge tweets by clicking here. They are comedy GOLD. 

Main image credit: instagram.com/official_misssa

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