Dineo Ranaka Loses It On Air

Men are not happy with her

By  | Jun 25, 2021, 01:38 PM  | Dineo Ranaka  | Drama

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Dineo Ranaka has responded to allegations that she lost her temper on air during a segment called #AskAMan. The popular Metro FM segment called #AskAMan seeks to give out solutions to people who experience relationship problems.

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Anonymous callers lay out their problems bare for Metro FM listeners to hear and together they come up with solutions. Dineo Ranaka and her co-host Naked DJ together with Somizi Mhlongo gather their thoughts and give out solutions to the troubled couples.

One of the listeners took to Twitter and shared their thoughts about Anon's call. He said, "Why are majority of women so stupid. Why would you practice another man's cultural stuff while he does not do yours. Come on women yerr."

Dineo then responded to the tweep on air and lost her cool. That's what the listeners gathered from her response and some said she was being super unprofessional by stooping to the man's level.

Dineo then told those who complained to have better listening skills because she did not refer to the man as stupid. Instead she said she used the word 'stupid' in the same sense that he did when he spoke about women.

"@dineoranaka I know you are frustrated to Lebo's comment but remember you are on radio, you must come yourself down and teach him in and good and friendly manner," a tweep said.

Dineo then responded to the tweep, "I didn’t use the word stupid to insult him. Listen attentively in future. I have reasonably high EQ and fully understand my work, it’s ethic and expectations. I used the word stupid to claim it and reuse it as a compliment to us “Stupid” women."

The man then argued that Dineo was wrong for allowing her feelings to get involved, "Yes but it wasn't necessary since she's on higher platform and many people are looking at her as their role model, loosing your temper live like that is not good."

Dineo stuck to her guns, "I didn’t lose my temper. I was very firm. It’s important to use this platform to manage verbal abuse against women. It’s uncomfortable listening to a woman being firm on radio right? The expectation is for me to be girly right? No sir, not when women are being verbally abused."

"Thank you for your unsolicited advice. I would consider using it if you had listened attentively and understood the tones of sarcasm that I used. My advice to you is to please try not listen under the influence of your male ego in future because you will be offended often."

There have been many interesting revelations made on Ask A Man and Somizi is to thank for that. On one episode he called himself a woman. In another they were discussing cheating and Somizi then revealed that cheating for him is not a deal breaker. In fact he would never leave his partner unless they dump him.

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