DJ Bongz back on good terms with Mabala Noise?

DJ Bongz is still releasing an album under Mabala Noise.

By  | Jun 22, 2020, 01:45 PM  | DJ Bongz  | Drama

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DJ Bongz

Just last month, DJ Bongz had announced that he was leaving Mabala Noise with immediate effect but would not disclose what the reasons were for his departure from the label.

Bongz announced the news on Twitter and confirmed that he was working on his own record label, Gwarra Gwarra Entertainment.

It may seem as though Bongz was going through a rough patch with the record label judging from this tweet.

Bongani Dube

An official statement from Mabala Noise addressing DJ Bongz departure was set to be released but it never was.

Bongz confirmed to Isolezwe that he still needs to release his new album under the record label as he still has a contract with the recording company.

"There is an album I have to release under the label. What I said on Twitter I will later on explain. I still need to sit down with Mabala Noise and figure out what went wrong. As you can see, things are being fixed and changes are being made."

Whether Colonel Gwarra Gwarra will stay on the label for good is something we're yet to see.

Bongz did confirm that his new album is complete and has sent it through to the record company for release.

The album will feature the likes of DBN Nyts, DJ Tira, Moneoa, Masandi and more.

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