Plot Twist In Rape Case

"The status of the matter remains the same" - NPA

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The case against well-known DJs, Euphonik and DJ Fresh has reportedly not been reopened. This follows reports that it had been reopened, but now TshisaLive reports that the NPA has not done so.

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According to the publication, NPA spokesperson said nothing has changed in the case which had been closed due to insufficient evidence.

“The status of the matter remains the same, no new information has come to light. However, in a case where there has been no prosecution, investigation strands that were not initially pursued because of time limitations for example, might be pursued to see if they will yield anything new, that might perhaps lead to a reconsideration of the matter,” said Lumka Mahanjana in a statement.

The case in question is a rape case opened by a woman on Twitter who accused both the DJs of allegedly drugging and raping her. This was in January 2021 and the DJs got fired from 947 FM.

The woman wrote on Twitter, “Case Reopened! Thank you all for your support.” She then wrote in another tweet, “I can't believe it's been over a year of constant fighting.”

She was responding to a report by City Press, where her legal rep said, “We’re waiting to hear the reason they’ve decided to reopen it. Remember that once the DJs announced on Twitter that the NPA had decided not to prosecute, we launched a formal dispute and grievance against the police. They then undertook to investigate what had transpired with the case.

“We’ve been very consistent. We’ve also taken up this dispute with the Public Protector. We suspect that because the Public Protector is going to ask questions, the police have decided to say they’re reopening the case. However, they still haven’t responded to us.”

Ridding themselves of any wrongdoing, the DJ's released a joint statement where they said the case had been dropped. "We are pleased to state that, after considering all the evidence collected while investigating the claim made by Ms. Madikizela against us, the Chief Prosecutor has dismissed the allegation on the basis that the allegations are without merit,

"The docket has been marked nolle prosequi. As we've said before these are false allegations and we are deeply saddened that GBV, a serious crisis in South Africa, was weaponized in this manner, "reads the statement.

DJ Fresh did not only lose his job at the radio station at the time, but his marriage also allegedly suffered.

But confirming the news, they said their marriage started getting shaky during lockdown.

“Those who know me, know that I am not a social media person but it’s just special circumstances concerned about the buzz surrounding us that it important tat we state the facts,” said Thabiso.

“Yes, it’s a fact, we are headed for a divorce process and we have been for the past two years," she added. “There will never be drama between us because we will forever love each other and we’ve got three beautiful kids to raise and that is our focus,” he said.

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