DJ Lamiez Falling For Another Scam?

She should be more careful online

By  | Feb 03, 2022, 01:37 PM  | DJ Lamiez Holworthy  | Drama

Lamiez Holworthy
Dj Lamiez Holworthy is certainly one of the kindest Mzansi celebrities, always ready to lend a helping hand. But now it looks like she may be falling for a scam if she's not careful. 
The DJ recently found someone on social media to bless with kindness. A Twitter user going by @siyanndaa posted on the platform saying she had just moved into a new room and asked for well wishers to help her furnish her house. She asked those with second hand homeware they were looking to dispose of to give them to her. 
The post caught Lamiez's attention, and she congratulated the lady and offered to give her a few things, including home appliances and some crockery. 

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But tweeps quickly noticed that all was not right with the lady, and cautioned Lamiez against helping her. They warned that the DJ might be tricked into helping a catfish, so she might want to use her wisdom before jumping at the opportunity to help that specific stranger. 
The tweep responded soon, complaining about how mean Twitter can be. She bemoaned being called names and being labeled a catfish just because she was about to be assisted by a celebrity. She has since deleted the tweet, raising eyebrows even more. 
This time, Lamiez would not sit quietly and listen to the lady cry about Twitter being unfair. She told her that perhaps the vigilance is because she is using somebody else's photos and passing them off as her own. But because she had already promised to help, she said she would deliver the items in person, and hopes that upon getting there, she won't find that the lady is, in fact, a catfish. 
Tweeps are in awe of the Dj choosing to help anyway, even though there is a chance that she is being tricked. It takes a very great level of light to set the good in others even when it seems unlikely. 

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Others have lamented about her seemingly never learning a lesson. They have suggested other avenues for her to give back that seem more legitimate, reminding her that she has been duped before and she said it would never happen again. 
However, it looks like Lamiez it's determined to be the person that gives back, even if people insist on showing that they cannot be trusted or that they don't deserve it. 

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Perhaps we all stand to learn something from Lamiez, and make the world a better place. Surely Siyanda would be embarrassed to scam her now after she has proven that her heart is pure. 

We hope it doesn't end in tears for the DJ. She is one of the purest souls out here and it would suck if she were made to regret being kind. 
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