Lamiez On Capturing Every Single Moment With Her Son

She and her husband welcomed a boy a few weeks ago

By  | May 21, 2023, 05:00 PM  | DJ Lamiez Holworthy  | Drama

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Lamiez has revealed that capturing every moment with her son makes sense so she can later on in life show him just how much joy he brought to their lives.

“My goal is to capture as much as possible. Every milestone, every celebration, every little win so that someday Leano Zion can see how much happiness he's brought us,” she said in her IG  stories.

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Lamiez and Khuli welcomed their first child in March and on April 9 she and her husband celebrated his first month. They made the official announcement on their IG pages.

She detailed how she snapped back just a few weeks after giving birth:

"Truth is, whilst our bodies aren’t the same, what worked for me is that I worked out with @fit4twogarsfontein @fit4twosa throughout my pregnancy and went back after I gave birth.

"I work out with my son now which makes it really fun- they’re health professionals so the workouts are specially designed for pregnant women and new moms."

"I also use the belt that I was given in hospital and wore it a day after my C-section. (Please check with your doctor first). I wear mine every day and alternate between that belt and a waist trainer. Breastfeeding also helps me whilst I try to eat as healthily as possible with lots of water and boiling water with lemon after all meals.

"Most importantly, be kind and patient with yourselves mommies. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I don’t have it all figured out and need remedies to help me with the discolouration (stubborn dark areas) on my body that actually work. Thanks in advance ladies."

When she was pregnant, Lamiez saw how people were comparing her pregnancy to other women:

"So I’ve seen the comparisons, compliments, and even jokes about pregnancy and whilst I count myself very lucky because I haven’t experienced any drastic physical changes(although the abdominal pains, swollen legs, nausea, migraines, and hormones are showing me real flames) I simply don’t like the jokes attacking other pregnant women," she started off her post. 

"Truth is, No one has control over how they look or even how smoothly their pregnancy goes and to be subjected to demeaning words and unnecessary verbal and emotional abuse isn’t fair," she continued. 

"ANY woman who carries life is a superhero with superpowers in my opinion and should all be celebrated and embraced regardless of how they look. There is no manual to this life thing and the least we can be is kinder because take it from me - pregnancy is no walk in the park! You’re literally risking your life to carry and bring a healthy, happy and normal child in to this world. And that? That makes me admire every single mother and those carrying life," wrote the musician. 

Lamiez went on to caution trolls to not involve her in slander, "DON’T ever use ME to bring down, bash or belittle another woman."

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